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The Journey Workbook

The Journey Workbook: A Musical Path Around The Wheel Of Life is an illustrated workbook that serves as a companion to the audio CD of the music. With this, The Journey becomes a self-contained program for personal growth. In-depth examination of the songs reveals a wealth of material that addresses such topics as:

* Family of origin issues

* Adolescent developmental needs

* Rites of passage

* Spirituality

* Addiction and recovery

* Personal transformation

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The Music     

A showcase of Jim Savage’s songwriting and musical talent, The Journey is an exceptional concept album with a great classic rock feel. Jim’s notable “John Lennon sound” adds a decidedly Beatles influence to the music, while his guitar work leans more towards a Pink Floyd/Hendrix/Clapton kind of sound.

The album contains many individual tracks that are popular with listeners of all ages. Little Girls And Boys captures the magic and innocence of childhood, while Tale Of December exposes the shadow side of our upbringing.

A consistent favorite (“that’s my story exactly!”) is the painfully relevant All That I Can Do, as it describes being powerless over ways in which we hurt ourselves and others. Open Your Eyes (What’s Goin’ On) is a rocking look at self-centered denial, while Butterfly is a beautiful ballad that illustrates the new life that comes with faith and letting go.

The album closes with the rousing Chop Wood, Carry Water, a musical portrayal of living life with a new attitude and outlook, being grateful for the simple things and not taking things for granted.


Audio CD, workbook set

A "recovery rock musical!"

The Journey is a musical production written by Jim Savage that presents an inspiring message about overcoming challenges and achieving fulfillment in life. Initially created as a portrayal of overcoming addiction, Jim has been using The Journey in his work with young people in substance abuse treatment for over 25 years. As work with The Journey evolved, it became substantial body of work that goes beyond addiction, as it shows that life is a spiritual journey that involves a similar process for everyone.


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Little Girls And Boys

From The Journey by Jim Savage

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