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Thus began a journey—not just of starting over in his own recovery, but of recognizing the vital role that spiritual growth plays in overcoming addiction. While in treatment, a spark was lit that culminated in a three day, life and death spiritual quest in the Arizona desert. The ordeal led to a profound awareness of how the addiction-recovery process can be viewed as a symbolic death-rebirth experience that represents a death to the "old self." This would prove to set the tone for the rest of Jim's career.

Jim's path included studying and being trained in numerous spiritual traditions, while remaining firmly grounded in his own 12-Step recovery. In 1993 he completed his first Vision Quest—a Native American ceremony in which one "goes on the hill" for a period of solitude and contemplation while seeking guidance and direction. Being a symbolic death-rebirth experience, it's not uncommon to receive a "new name" after going through a ceremony such as a Vision Quest to represent the new person that returns from the hill. The name Jim was given following his first Vision Quest was Many Rains. In giving Jim this name, the Chief who performed the naming ceremony said, "What you do will go out like many rains and bring life to the people."

For the next 20 years, Jim dedicated his efforts as a drug and alcohol counselor in helping others explore the spiritual aspect of recovery. The Vision Quest became an important part of this as he incorporated this in his work with young people in drug treatment. He opened his own treatment program which included monthly retreats where clients had the opportunity to complete their own Vision Quest. Over the years, hundreds of young people had life-changing experiences which led to spiritual growth and a greater understanding of, or relationship with, a higher power.

An ironic characteristic that became associated with Jim's spiritual work was the high incidence of "bad weather" around ceremony time. "It always rains for Vision Quest" became a mantra around the places Jim conducted ceremonies. Over time, the presence of rain became a special part of these events for the spiritual connotation it holds. Rain represents the power of life and death. And it also gets people thinking about things bigger than ourselves. It gets us looking up, and ultimately realizing our powerlessness. In the midst of drought we pray for rain. Or in the midst of a tornado we pray for protection from the power of the "Thunder Beings". Even the staunchest non-believers sometimes find themselves wondering if there isn't really "something there" in the face of a well timed clap of thunder or lightning flash. Rain medicine can be a powerful thing.

Throughout his career Jim has been a prolific producer of material related to his clinical work. In addition to his passion for writing, Jim is an accomplished professional musician and producer. From recovery-oriented rock musicals to documentaries about the Hero's Journey and the power of storytelling, in all of Jim's work is found a common set of elements that bridge the world of art and entertainment with healing, personal growth, and spiritual fulfillment. Relative to addiction, all of Jim's work goes to the heart of 12-Step recovery with its focus on the "spiritual experience" that ultimately leads leads to personal transformation and wholeness.

Many Rains Media was established to publish Jim's book, Rehab Works! A Parent's Guide to Drug Treatment. As a business dedicated to publishing products that promote healing and personal growth, particualrly in the area of addiction and recovery, our mission is to use the power of the word in a way that improves people's lives. From a spiritual standpoint, it is the next logical step in carrying out the Many Rains vision, as it is our hope that what we do will "go out like many rains, and bring life to the people.  

No business starts without some forethought and planning, but Many Rains Media is truly the fullfillment of a vision.

In 1984 Jim Savage started his career a drug and alcohol counselor. A recovering addict himself, he began using his experience to help others overcome their own problems with chemical dependency. However, in 1988 Jim went through an experience that would change his life: He relapsed into his own addiction. As an "impaired professional", he wound up back in treatment and began the difficult and humbling experience of being a drug counselor in rehab.

Jim Savage

President, Many Rains Media

"What you do will go out like many rains, and bring life to the people."