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Rehab Works!

A Parent's Guide to Drug Treatment

What's your success rate?" is the first question many parents ask when deciding on a drug treatment program for their child. The correct answer is: 100% or 0%. It depends on the individual.

The good news is REHAB WORKS!. Becoming an "educated consumer" by learning how treatment works allows parents to take control and create the best chance for landing in the 100% category.

Rehab Works! A Parent’s Guide To Drug Treatment spells out everything parents need to know about the world of rehab and presents a thorough examination of all the critical elements that go into successful treatment, including:

Vision Quest

“The Vision Quest is an ancient ceremony in which one goes to a solitary place, typically on top of a hill, for a time of prayer and meditation to seek blessings and guidance. The intention of this CD is to provide you, the listener, with an opportunity to experience the magic of going through such an event. The music presents a story of what might occur were you to go on a Vision Quest, from beginning to end. So sit back, relax, and let the music take you away...”

This beautifully crafted CD features the sounds of Native American Flute, Incan panpipe, ocarina, drums, rattles, rain sticks, and the ocean drum. Great for meditation or to just relax with the soothing sounds.


The Treatment Process

Stages Of Change

Continuum Of Care

Relapse Prevention


12 Step Recovery

Young People And AA/NA


Family Recovery

Treatment Success

The Journey: A Musical Path Around The Wheel Of Life  

(CD and workbook set)

The Journey Workbook: A Musical Path Around The Wheel Of Life is the illustrated workbook that serves as a companion to the audio CD of the soundtrack to the recovery rock musical by Jim Savage. With this, The Journey becomes a self-contained program for personal growth. In depth examination of the songs reveals a wealth of material that addresses such topics as:

* Family of origin issues

* Adolescent developmental needs

* Rites of passage

* Spirituality

* Addiction and recovery

* Personal transformation

Many Rains

“The healing nature of rain medicine...”

A superb recording of rainfall and rolling thunder with hypnotic guitar backgrounds. The entire CD is one continuous piece, yet it is divided into three sections, allowing for one long (45 min) meditation, or three shorter ones, with slightly different energies to them.

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